Аваз қойғучи көчүрүш

Төвәндики һәқсиз аваз қойғучи программилардин бирини көчүрүп, интернет арқилиқ бизниң аңлитишимизни аңлиялайсиз. Әгәр аваз аңлаш җәрянида қийинчилиқларға яки мәсилиләргә йолуқсиңиз, төвәндики мәсилә һәл қилиш усуллиридин бири шу мәсилини һәл қилалиши мумкин.

Choose a free player to listen to our news broadcasts online.

If you are having a problem listening to RFA programs, one of these solutions may fix it:

1. Check your security settings to make sure you have no pop-up blockers enabled.

In Firefox go to Tools >> Options >> Web Features. Uncheck the "Block Popup Windows" box or go to "Allowed Sites" and add www.rfa.org to the list.

In Internet Explorer go to Tools >> Internet Options >> Privacy and either uncheck "Block pop-ups" or add www.rfa.org to the list of permitted sites.

2. Some audio players cannot play RFA audio. We recommend using one of these:

Windows Media Player
MusicMatch Jukebox
QuickTime for Windows
QuickTime for Mac

3. Your computer may be choosing the wrong player. To change your settings:

Go to Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Folder Options >> File Type. Scroll down until you see M3U and choose "Change."

You will see a list of possible audio players. Choose one and click "OK". Whichever one you choose will always play this type of file.

Please let us know if you are still having a problem. Contact us by e-mail at contact@rfa.org.

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